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Subject:US Market Positioning
Client:Woody Technologies
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Key Figures

  • +40%

    Global income

    Over 9 months

  • +97%

    Digital Traffic

    Over 9 months

  • +172%


    Over 9 months

Bold+Beyond had and still have perfect understanding of our brand needs and business objectives. Creative teams did an amazing work, providing a crucial contribution to our brand redesign project.

Aurélien Brelle


01 The challenge

Woody Technologies is one of the leading companies offering media processing software solutions in Europe.

The Challenge was to define the brand positioning and adapt the company offer to the US market while keeping a strong consistency with the European Market.

02 Go-To-Market Strategy

Through the market analysis,
Woody Technologies appears to be the only player covering the entire media processing workflow, offering solutions from the field to the infrastructure and therefore offering a complete new scope of opportunities to TV Broadcasters, Online Medias and Post-production companies.

The IT Spending analysis in the US TV industry highlighted three success factors:

  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Low cost and flexible solution
  • Integrated customer solution

Based on those observations and anticipating the evolution of Woody Technologies financial model, form a perpetual license to a SaaS model, we have decided to build the whole strategy and all the marketing tools on that very specific conversion process.

03 Positioning

The media processing software industry is a very specific market with long-time established competitors.

In order to define the strongest positioning for Woody Technologies and step the brand apart from competitors, we have decided to introduce the brand as a global solution drawing our inspiration from design software companies such as Adobe or Affinity Designer.

This strategy positions the brand above his competitors offering a whole solution and therefore covers a white space on the competitor’s environment.

Additionally, it offers a clear messaging and a lot of flexibility to the sales force to sell either a specific software or the entire solution. Even more, it brings a logical and customer oriented approach to upsell as many softwares as the company is offering.

04 Branding

Strong indentity

Adapting the branding of a company entering a foreign market is always extremely touchy.
Creating brand value takes time and being remembered by customers even more.

Most of the companies entering a new market are unknown. This is why building a strong Brand Identity is crucial.

There are three key components to build an efficient brand identity:

  • A bright & significantly different color than your competitors to easily be recognized
  • The brand name as a logotype instead of a symbol to be easily understood
  • A bold font to be easily read

Woody Technologies was already respecting those guidelines: we have enhanced the pink color in order to bring modernity and put it at the center of the updated identity.

Software identity

Every Woody Technologies’ software bring their own benefits and might also be used with each other.
Thus, we brought every softwares at the same level giving them their own identity and their own benefits.

In order to create immediate cohesion between the products and therefore to insist on the relationship between them, we used a “naming system” with letters and prefix.

For the design, we have been using color gradients to be able to give them each a unique identity and create a graphic link to illustrate the global solution.

05 Messaging

Based on the market analysis, we defined the three key benefits of Woody Technologies to answer US Media buyers.

  • Efficient (time-to-value)
  • Adaptive (flexible solution)
  • Easy (integrated customer solution)

Therefore, we summarize Woody Technologies’ unique selling proposition (USP) in one claim to draw customers attention.

Every software is different and delivers its own benefits. Therefore we gave every software its own claim to highlight each USP.

We directly address users using imperative verbs and thus, illustrate the solution brought by Woody Technologies.

06 Digital Platform

Conversion strategy

The perpetual license and SaaS model are quite similar in terms of decision process, they both require a trial period. Thus, we built the entire flow to maximise the demo request from providing the right information on how the appropriate software answers a need to create reassurance through references and testimonials.

New Identity

The first objective was to create a new digital identity to introduce the new brand offers. To maximize confidence and therefore conversion, we wanted to create a whole universe, consumers would be familiar with.

We used the production industry code to create a dark environment and reproduce the atmosphere of studio production room. To create a link with the brand we introduced shades of pink in the universe and solid pink CTA to attract user attention.

The flow

To maximize conversion, every software page has been engineered to be used as a landing page and drive targeted traffic to request a demo. The content strategy is essential.
As revolutionary products, Woody Technologies softwares are nonetheless complex solutions for neophytes.

To make this complexity accessible and highlight the specific benefits to the users, we have conceived every page based on a 5-step process:
Promise – Justification – References – Detailed Benefits – Testimonials.


Data Analytics highlighted that users where looking for product detailed information before requesting demo on their desktop. Therefore, we built a full-responsive design platform adapted to serve user mobile experience.

We provided them with a direct access to software information through a swipe feature.

07 Launch Event

In order to be loyal to the brand DNA as well as scalable for every touch point, we applied the brand universe and the messaging strategy to a whole set of marketing materials to be used either in B2B or B2C.

Key Figures

  • +40%

    Global income

    Over 9 months

  • +97%

    Digital Traffic

    Over 9 months

  • +172%


    Over 9 months