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Subject:Social Media and Growth
Client:HUM Nutrition
Industry:Beauty Supplements
Service:Social Media Management
  • 240K


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HUM Nutrition is the first beauty nutrition supplement company on the market providing clinically proven vitamins, supplements, and powders, designed around skin and body concerns to make you look great and feel even better.

With HUM you can truly say “Beauty starts from within” – health is the beginning of all beauty.

To create a relevant and engaging community, the brand sought to develop its online presence.

Many people are familiar with vitamins and supplements, but it’s difficult to determine their actual benefits. In general, people perceive them to be “boring,” “useless,” and “medical,” making it hard to engage in grassroots conversation.


The purpose behind the Social Media and Brand Content Strategy was to spread the brand’s vision to be the starting point of every “Beauty Routine”. The goal was to change consumers’ perception of vitamins and supplements, making the connection between beauty and nutrition, all while driving traffic to the website.


In order to create a winning "Beauty Routine" emphasizing HUM Nutrition's health benefits, we built our content strategy around three key points:
  1. 1. Products benefits

    Creating a unique universe for each product allows consumers to quickly discover its unique benefits, as well as remember when and where to use it.
  2. 2. Product ingredients

    In order to emphasize that HUM products are 100% natural, we designed visuals that illustrate their ingredients.
  3. 3. Brand values

    One of HUM’s core values is to empower women - to execute this vision, we decided to spotlight women who inspire us.


The defined art direction offered us the ability to craft on brand visuals customized for every partnership as we did for Sephora.

User-generated content

With the community growing and the conversation between users and the brand expanding, we invited users to share more and more pictures and content.


Followers grew by 940% in over 10 months, reaching +25K followers.

As we were looking to grow even faster, we started to analyze followers’ behavior. Crafting visuals gave us a lot of freedom, however, users engaged more with real pictures. Therefore, we revamped all social media content using real-life photography, challenging ourselves to maintain the organic shapes and color-coding designed for the brand.

This significant improvement in strategy allows users to engage on a more personal level and project themselves in the brand universe while imagining their own Beauty Routine.

  • 940%

    followers in 10 months

  • +25K



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  • Posting & Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Community Management
  • Campaign Management


Followers grew significantly in the subsequent 14 months, reaching +131K followers.
As of today, the HUM Nutrition community encompasses +240K followers and received the famous Forbes CircleUp 25 awards.

Forbes CircleUp 25 award

  • +131K

    Followers in 14 Months